Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Metric? Why Would Anyone Want That?

I found the US distributor of the equivalent pedometer to the one that I bought in Japan and broke a few days ago. With a little searching, I found the version that reads in metric units, and I ordered a couple of them. I got the e-mail order acknowledgment, and it clearly showed that I had ordered the model 700 (metric). The order arrived over the weekend, and what they sent me was the model 701 (miles/pounds). At first I figured it was a pick error, but the printed packing slip/invoice shows the model 701. Somehow, in the process of moving the order from what I did online to what they printed, someone seems to have "corrected" the order to what I "obviously really wanted," because of course an American wouldn't ever use a metric-measurement device.

I e-mailed the vendor and explained that they'd shipped model 701 when I ordered model 700, and asked how do I return it for an exchange. They wrote back, asking incredulously, "You wanted the metric version with distance in kilometers and weight in kilograms?"

I got snarky at them and said, "Yes, that's right. That's why I ordered the SW-700, not the SW-701. I'm one of those rare Americans who isn't allergic to Funny Furrin Measurements."

They haven't written back yet. I have this strange feeling that they may not even stock the model 700, because they can't believe an American would want anything that reads in metric. Edit: Except that they appear to be the Canadian distributor as well (see comments below), so maybe they just can't imagine an American wanting one.

What I really want is the model DW-700, which is what I got in Japan, but it appears to be discontinued, with the SW-700 being the next version. It looks the same except that it has the US distributor's branding all over it. It still seems to be the same Yamax Japanese-made pedometer that rates high on all of the reviews and that proved to be very reliable for me.
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