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New SFSFC Web Site

SFSFC rolled out a new website this week as part of a revamp of our web and e-mail that (I hope) will be invisible to everyone except the SFSFC directors, who I've been keeping up to date on the changes. It looks a lot different (and I think it is more readable), although it actually doesn't have a lot more content than the old one. This is an interim redesign, however, as we've got more plans down the road. Also, we plan to get more past minutes posted. It turns out there are some minutes from not that long ago that exist only on paper. That's because I wrote them in Word, but before electronic copies were posted to the web site, my hard drive failed with no backup. Rats. I do have the official paper copies in the corporation's minutes book, at least. Unfortunately, some of those minutes were very long, and I don't fancy having to retype them.

Update, 23:00: I've managed to upload every set of minutes that I have in my files that is readable (sometimes only as a PDF because I haven't converted all of them to HTML). I also added entries for every meeting back to July 2001 even if we don't have minutes for them.

Minutes prior to 2001 do exist in a variety of forms; however, all of them will take work to turn into readable files. For example, many years' minutes from an earlier stint of mine as Secretary were originally composed on the Wang word processing system at my then-job, and they've been converted (badly) to Word. They will need lots of fixing to make usable. It's not a high-priority project.

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