Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

It's Official: Avoid Wells

I have my van in the shop with my trusted mechanic, who has been investigating some rough-running and the service-engine lights I got on the trip to Colorado, and looking over the work the Tire Factory did in Wells. On the former, he recommends a new distributor and throttle body, cost around $500 parts and labor totasl. The engine itself, which he installed about 55K miles ago, is sound, he says.

On the front-end/shocks work, he was scathing in his assessment of the rip-off artists in Wells, agreeing completely with what Lisa said about them. He says that he would have charged me about one-third what they did, and he wouldn't have neglected to do a wheel alignment, which you should do when you do that sort of work. He'll do the alignment now, and although I can get my tires rotated for free at America's Tire where I bought them, he'll go ahead and toss in the rotation for free since he has the van up on the rack anyway.

If you live in the Fremont area and want a good general mechanic who will treat you well and not rip you off, I cannot speak highly enough of Fremont Wheel & Brake. Don't let the name fool you -- Cory, the owner, does general repairs as well as specializing in wheel and brake work.

As far as Wells goes -- stop there for cheap gas between Reno and Salt Lake City, and not much else.
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