Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Still At Home

Don't expect me at BASFA tonight, as my van will be with my mechanic through tomorrow.

Addendum: I know how to get to the meeting by transit: Capitol from Fremont to Great America, VTA light rail to Lawrence, and either wait for a bus to take me to the corner where Coco's is, or walk the mile (given the wait for the bus and the transit time, I'd probably walk). But getting home is a problem if I don't know someone going my way is going to be there tonight.

FWIW, the return trip home by transit at the usual time a BASFA meeting ends requires seven transfers and would get me home at 6 AM tomorrow morning!

Update, 22:45: Per the comments below, I ended up being able to go after all.
Tags: basfa
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