Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Silicon Membership Available

Lisa called this afternoon. Her tinnitus is so bad that she said she can't come to Silicon because she can't sleep and the noise is driving her mad. I have an appointment to take her for an MRI on October 13, after I drive up there the previous weekend. At this point, I hope they do find something amiss so that there's some hope of treatment.

Anyway, as Lisa is not coming, she won't be able to use her membership. Anyone need a membership to Silicon?

Update, 22:00: The membership is spoken for, assuming Silicon's Registration people can take my word on it -- there's no way I can get anything in writing from Lisa in time, and she doesn't do e-mail. But I'm the person who bought the membership in the first place, and I think Silicon's management knows me.
Tags: lisa, silicon

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