Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Silicon Update

It was a good thing that Lisa called me yesterday to tell me that she wasn't coming and that I should cancel the hotel room, because the room had a 72-hour cancellation clause on it, so I just barely made it. And on the positive side, lisa_marli has agreed to let me buy a share of her underutilized hotel room so that I can sleep at the Doubletree instead of having to make a 40-mile round-trip between the hotel and the Doubletree each day. That's particularly nice for Sunday when I do Match Game SF.

It's going to be an interesting technical challenge to do the show, as we won't have Lisa running the sound, and she knows exactly how the music cues are supposed to work. It's unrealistic of me to expect everyone to have seen a 1970s game show, even one that is rerun as much as Match Game. Ah, well, one of the charms of live shows is seeing how things work, I guess.
Tags: lisa, match game, silicon

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