Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

All Clear

Fortunately for me, when I had a look inside the Big Box o' Stuff for Match Game SF, I found a small supply of blank A/B cards -- overruns from a previous show. There were enough for me to print the questions for our show at SiliCon. I'm planning to do four games in two hours, and we have material (some re-runs) for two more if we under-run, but that's rare. What's more likely is that if we end up having multiple tie games like we did at Worldcon, we'll only get three games in before we hit our hard stop at 3:50 to allow turnover for the Feedback session.

Again, anyone who wants to come help with setup is encouraged to come by the Siskiyou/Donner Pass Ballroom from 1 PM onward on Sunday.

I expect to be heading down to the Doubletree pretty soon. I don't know what my internet connectivity will be, although even if it's pay-to-play, I'll probably need to spring for it at least for today, for I'm effectively on call until late this afternoon.
Tags: match game, silicon

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