Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SiliCon Saturday Afternoon

Not having any early-morning commitments today, I didn't have to rush through breakfast. I had breakfast with Raven O'Neill (lisa_marli let Raven, whose expected roommates had flaked out, use the other bed in the room of which I'm renting a share), then changed into my WSFS captain's outfit. (I'm glad I didn't try to eat breakfast in the uniform -- I spilled coffee on my shirt at breakfast.)

SiliCon is pretty lightly attended, but we've had a steady stream of traffic here at the SJ 2011 Westercon bid table, so I haven't had a huge amount of time to be paying attention to the computer.

I expect to spend most of today doing table duty here at the Westercon table, because I will have no time tomorrow on account of Match Game SF.

I printed more bid stickers for the bid a couple of nights ago. As our existing stock was on the last sheet, Glenn Glazer looked at the labels I brought. He couldn't peel off a sticker. Upon closer examination, it became clear that I'd fed the label stock into the printer wrong-side up. *heasmack* I might have access to a color printer here in the Fanzine Lounge.
Tags: silicon, westercon

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