Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Ready to Go

After getting breakfast in the VIP lounge upstairs (thank you again, lisa_marli!), I moved all of the Match Game SF gear down to the SJ2011 bid table for temporary storage, then went back to the room, changed into my costume business suit, and packed my personal luggage out to the van. This gave me a little bit of time to sit here at the empty table next to SJ2011's table and check my e-mail before I move over to the Donner Pass/Siskiyou Ballroom so that I'm ready to move on set-up for the show as soon as the Tech Team are ready for me. I have the usual pre-show jitters, but I expect they will fade when we're actually "on the air." Setting up the show always makes me nervous; it's the waiting that's difficult.
Tags: match game, silicon

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