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Not Quite Spam

>99% of the mail received at the public e-mail addresses for the Mark Protection Committee and the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee is spam. The MPC's address is so swarmed (and spammers are using it as their reply-to as well) that it's almost useless. However, today we got two that were slightly out of the usual range of enhancement products and phish stories.

One appears to have been from an author hawking his self-published masterpiece. Why he was "submitting" it for an SF/F award when he claimed it to be a work of groundbreaking science mystifies me. No, I'm not going to tell you who it was -- why should I give him any publicity? I ignored and deleted it like the rest of the spam.

Another purported to be from the sports division of one of the major US television networks, asking about when works from their network would could be entered for the Hugo Award. I decided to try and reply to that one, explaining that the Hugo is an award for science fiction and fantasy, not sports, and that you can't "submit" works or "enter" them, and I pointed them at the Hugo Awards FAQ.

The next-most common e-mail after spam are queries asking variations of "How do I submit my work for the Hugo Award." It's in the FAQ, but nobody reads the FAQ. I wonder if we should put a link on the front page boldly stating "HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK FOR A HUGO" that takes you to a page that says, "FAIL."
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