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Only two people showed up for my personalized tour of the Fan Guest of Honor exhibit: Ewrin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss and Steve Forty. I do think there were a lot more people who had either the time or the interest but not both. And Emerald A was a bit off the beaten path, being around a corner from most of the function rooms. I expect a lot of people didn't even know it was there. It could have been worse -- they could have put it in the Radisson, in which case nobody would have seen it.

Two people is no problem, though: I showed them through the exhibit and explained the history around the various artifacts, some of which are for conventions or activities of mine with which they were totally unaware, such as my costuming stuff. I showed them the photos of the Skywise costume from Elfquest and of course the mannequin with the pink dress is standing in the display with the blonde wig and 4 1/2-inch high heels. There are photos of me in that dress, from Eclecticon 5 in Sacramento, on account of otherwise people are unlikely to believe me when I told them I was wearing it. Over breakfast, David W. Clark said to me, "I have faith in you, Kevin: You will wear the dress again."

And if I lose the necessary weight to fit back into it -- something that seems much more likely now than it did a year ago -- he may well be right about that.
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