Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Up On The Roof

Today is the only non-weekday that I'm scheduled to be here in Mehama, and was also a nice, clear, windless day. That meant that it was our only chance to dig out the equipment for Lisa to get up on the roof of the old house and do roof repairs.

This meant we spent the entire day except for a lunch break getting equipment out, fixing equipment that wouldn't work, hauling it to the old house and erecting it, and then taking it back down and putting it away. And, oh, yes, Lisa spent around six hours clambering around on the roof dangling from a safety harness while I fetched tools and sent them up to her via a rope she's rigged for this purpose.

I took pictures that I will post when I get a chance of her working up there so people can get an idea of how precarious this was. The old house is a 2-plus story building with a steeply-pitched roof. Falling off this roof could be a terminal experience. Before anyone asks: Lisa's safety gear is a professional, OSHA-approved harness, with two separate connections from the harness to the heavy-duty rope. ("That doesn't mean it's comfortable," Lisa says in a pained tone as she looks over my shoulder.) Moving quickly is out of the question, as she obviously never wants to have both safety straps disconnected from the rope.

After scraping and blowing as much moss from the roof as she could, she put plastic sheeting over the worst portions of the roof to try and reduce the amount of water that is getting in. This isn't exactly a repair -- frankly, the old house needs an entire new roof, I think -- but it does try to arrest the damage, and maybe less water will drip from the interior ceilings when the rains return.

After a long, full day of hard work, we were both tired for different reasons. (I logged over 7000 steps while she was exhausting from the roof-dangling.) She went to take a bath only to discover that the gas furnace in our trailer has stopped working. The electric floor heaters can take an edge off the cold, but they aren't really enough. That means we'll have to get someone out to try and repair them, hopefully later this week. Except that tomorrow and Thursday I have to take her to medical appointments, and sometime in the next week we're supposed to try and find a replacement transmission for her little pickup truck. And, oh, yes, I have my real job to do.

Speaking of which, I have to get back to it. The client is in China and would like to have some results today, which is Monday morning their time. If I had not driven to Oregon on Friday and Saturday, I would have been working on that project instead, but now I'm going to do the write-up I promised them.
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