Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Non-First-Class Hotels Have Better Channel Selections

It seems to me that the high-end hotels end up with a very limited selection of television channels, while those in the next tier down just take the local cable selection, and therefore end up with more channels. Thus this Candlewood Suites has Speed Channel, so I can watch the Chinese Grand Prix live from my hotel room tonight, albeit at the expense of losing just a little sleep.

Meanwhile, the hotel's wireless connection went flaky on me after I came back from putting in a half hour on the treadmill after dinner. The front desk helpfully loaned me an ethernet cable for their wired connection (I left my cable at home). The connection in the bedroom didn't work, but the one in the living room did, so I guess I'll be okay.
Tags: formula 1, hotels
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