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Rain or Not, Here I Go

Yesterday I bailed out of exercising and the threatened rain didn't come. Today I said, "Rain or no rain, I'd better get a walk in," and of course the rain did come. Not really that heavy, and I brought my umbrella. It's actually fairly warm, as first-day-of-winter rains go.

I only did about two-thirds of my usual loop, heading up to the shopping center at the top of the hill and buying a bag of cashews and other things I plan to take with me on my train trip tomorrow.

I've been testing my blood sugar a bit more often than the twice-a-day prescribed, particularly during periods of fluctuation like today. Unfortunately, that means that I'll run out of test strips on January 3 (assuming I stick to twice-a-day testing) but cannot re-order strips until January 9 due to my insurance coverage. So I considered today buying a vial of strips out of my own pocket. (You don't need a prescription to buy meter strips; you just need one if you want your insurance to pay for it.)

Yikes! $53 for fifty strips! No wonder the meters are (usually, sometimes after mail-in rebate) free!

If I'm going to buy more strips, I'm going to have to wait until after January 1 when my healthcare spending account recharges.


Meanwhile, as I'll be working from home (including Oregon) from tomorrow through next week, I'm now in the process of doing a "flag transfer" from the desktop machine to my personal laptop. That ought to use up the rest of the afternoon.

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