Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I have a good dentist, but he started probing at the wrong tooth this afternoon until I pointed out that it was the upper left he'd discussed fixing at my last exam, not the upper right. He ground out the old filling and investigated a crack. He says it doesn't go down to the gum line, so he didn't have to put a crown on it, but he did have to grind away a lot of the tooth, and it took a whole lot of gunk to build it back up again. I expect that I'll probably have to have it crowned someday.

The anesthetic wore off by the time I got to BASFA, so I was able to have dinner without worrying about biting the inside of my mouth; however, now I have a nice dull throb in the next-to-last molar on the upper left. It will be better tomorrow, I reckon.
Tags: dentist
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