Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Kevin Standlee Has Voted

I am not officially no longer a target for political advertising in this cycle, for it would do no good at all. After lunch today, Cheryl and I walked over to the post office where I mailed my ballot that I finished filling out yesterday after puzzling over the local candidates for a while. (I'd made up my mind about the federal and state offices and the propositions earlier.)

I was concerned that the envelope weighed more than one ounce, and thus carried some extra stamps with me. Sure enough, the postal scale at the office said it weighed 1.1 ounces, so I put an supplemental-rate postage stamp on it before mailing. I certainly hope the post office isn't bouncing ballots back to senders for insufficient postage. Think of the scandal that would cause!
Tags: politics

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