Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

If Only I'd Stayed at My Desk

I got away from the office a little earlier than I usually do. Traffic was heavy on the Bayfront Expressway, but it usually is at that time of the day. Just past University Avenue, however, I heard on KCBS that there was a "stalled limousine" near the Dumbarton toll plaza. In retrospect, I should have bailed out at the Ravenswood Day Use area and looped back around. Even driving around via the San Mateo Bridge or Highway 237 would probably have been faster than the hour I spent inching my way over the Dumbarton Bridge until finally getting past what was actually one of those medium-sized buses run by limo companies (think "large hotel courtesy van"), along with a second van, presumably to carry away the passengers, and a heavy-duty tow truck to haul the stalled bus away. What a mess.
Tags: traffic
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