Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


Cheryl and I had to go up to San Francisco this afternoon. I drove us to Union City rather than Fremont because the former has more parking and (for now) doesn't charge for it. The travel each way was uneventful -- it was what happened after we got back that was trouble. As our BART train from San Francisco pulled in to Union City station, I got a sinking feeling that I'd left the headlights on when we left this morning. Sure enough, as we approached the van, I could see the tail-lights glowing slightly. And there wasn't enough power left in the battery to crank the car. Rats.

I called AAA, who said it would be thirty minutes. Cheryl had things she needed to do back at the apartment sooner than that, so I handed her the umbrella and encouraged her to go get a taxi, which she did. I waited for the AAA truck.

45 minutes later, I called AAA to see what was going on. They said that calls were running very late today, but the service contractor did know where I was.

After more than 90 minutes, I looked out across the parking lot and saw a AAA yellow pickup truck making its slow way through the parking lot trying to find me. Fortunately the rain had relented and so I didn't get wet when I got out and walked across the lot to get his attention.

Jump-starting the van was not a problem. I drove around for about twenty minutes before heading home. I do hope that put enough power back into the battery so that we'll be able to go to BASFA tonight, not to mention get me going in the morning so that I can see my dentist about the not-doing-that-well filling I have.
Tags: cheryl, van

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