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On the Brighter Side

While I complain about software, I want to put in a good word for a little utility I stumbled across recently. USB Disk Ejector is a small program that helps eject USB drives. Yes, you can always right-click the USB devices icon, but putting this program on your computer means you can create a keyboard shortcut to it, which as far as I can tell you cannot do with the standard Windows Remove Hardware Safely icon. Besides, this program's eject dialog is simpler than the Windows one.

This is a tiny EXE file that you don't even have to go through an installation process to use. Just put it somewhere on your computer, create a shortcut to it, and map a keyboard shortcut to that if you want one. On my machine, for instance, Alt-Shift-E now brings up the eject program, and I find it very handy, as I'm plugging in and removing USB drives all the time.
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