Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lack of LJ Does Not Cause Life to End...

...particularly as there isn't much happening here right now, and that's fine with me after last week's travel. We do, however, continue to have hassles with the plumbing. The plumber came and worked on the toilet that keeps getting blocked and claimed to have cleared a large obstruction. The puddle of water on that bathroom's floor, however, appears to be coming from the shower stall instead -- however, it doesn't leak when you use that shower, but instead when I use the shower in the other bathroom. This suggests that there is a leaking pipe behind the wall. The plumber who came today apparently only does toilets and will report the problem to his managers, who will (we hope) send someone who can figure out the problem. We could put more sealant to try and keep water from leaking, but that would probably make things worse if there's a leaking pipe behind the wall.
Tags: household
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