Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Weekend Work

We've been pretty busy around here even though we haven't gone far. We packed up everything in the kitchen/dining area into the boxes I brought home from work and managed to squeeze most of them into the storage closet off our patio. OTOH, the side table that normally sits against the wall where the workmen will commence mayhem tomorrow has moved out to the patio temporarily. It's not the best of condition, so it's not a huge loss if it gets damaged. I unscrewed the bookshelves from the wall and we moved them away from where we think the work will happen. (The books that were in them are now in the boxes in the storeroom.)

The good thing about this is that we identified a bunch of stuff to throw away, mostly papers that we dumped into recycling. And speaking of recycling, we took three burnt-out large florescent tubes and two sharps containers full of used lancets over to the Household Hazardous Waste facility in Fremont and also took a bunch of used-up printer ink cartridges to Cartridge World and bought some new ones. We don't buy refilled cartridges ourselves, because the last time we did so, it ended up ruining the printer. (We now have a ruined printer that we'll need to properly dispose of someday taking up space in a closet.)

The dining table stays where it is for now because we have no place else for it, but we have Moving Men furniture sliders under the legs. Those sliders really work, and if you have furniture that needs moving around, get yourself a set. Tomorrow morning, before the workers come, we'll move the table into the living room temporarily.

I'm glad the workers will be here tomorrow, because there's clearly trouble in the pipes. One of the toilets has now plugged up, and I can't clear it with the auger tool. We now are down to one working toilet and one semi-working shower -- the latter doesn't leak as much as the one that's currently out of service, but it's certainly leaking as well. I only hope that the plumbing problems aren't going to lead to wholesale destruction, such as might require weeks of inconvenience while they destroy one bathroom at a time in order to save it.

On a different front, we made some long-needed updates and corrections to the Hugo Awards web site. In particular, we made a separate page for the most-frequently-asked question of all: "How do I submit my work for a Hugo Award?" We now have a link to that off the menu sidebar.

And I was pleased that we managed to get out on Sunday afternoon for a walk around Quarry Lakes Park, albeit that we were just barely in time -- ten minutes later and we would have been in the dark before we got home.
Tags: cheryl, household, hugo award

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