Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


We have had plumbers, who have put a hole in the wall and agreed that there is a leak. Now we are in the middle of a jurisdictional dispute between the plumbers hired by the company that manages this individual unit on behalf of the owner and the plumbers hired by the condominium association to manage the entire complex. The first set have gone away, and the second set are likely to appear within an hour or so.

At least in theory, this shouldn't cost us any direct money out of pocket, because it's either a problem with the common drains (and thus the condo association's problem), or a worn-out shower and piping (in which case it's the condo owner's problem). OTOH, if it's the latter, I reckon we can expect a rent increase next year to pay for the cost of the capital expenditures. However, we now are faced with neither shower being usable because running water in either of them causes water to (eventually) drain onto the floor in Cheryl's bathroom.
Tags: household
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