Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fixing a Hole

I've been busy working today in order to try and get a project done before I leave tomorrow afternoon to visit my grandfather for Thanksgiving, and Cheryl and I had an errand up in San Francisco this evening, so posting has not been a priority. We continue to be happy that there are restaurants here in Fremont other than Denny's or fast food where you can get a meal after 9 PM on a weeknight. We weren't all that hungry while we were in San Francisco, but by the time we got to Fremont around 10:30, we needed to eat, and fortunately, near the BART station is La Piñata, which is open late. (They did warn us that they will soon cut back their weeknight close from midnight to 11 PM.)

The plumbing repairs appear to have been successful. No leaks from either shower. We received word from the rental-management company that they will send a contractor next Monday to (a) replace the toilet in my bathroom with one that should be less susceptible to clogging and (b) repair the hole they cut in the wall yesterday. I passed on Cheryl's suggestion of putting an access hatch there rather than just sealing the hole off, in case they ever have to get back in there again.

Once the repairs are done, we can return the shelves to their regular position and reattach them to the wall, and put stuff back on them.
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