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Braving the Elements

Today being the beginning of the second four-day weekend in a row, I saw little need to get up early, but we did eventually bestir ourselves and head out on a shopping expedition. It was raining steadily all day today, sometimes really hard. Although we have no worries where we live, we could see streams and rivers running very high, and spotted a few low-lying roads that were underwater.

Having me at home in Oregon on a more or less ordinary weekday is a rare luxury, so Lisa took us to Corvallis on a furniture errand. There, we went to a store that did custom-cut foam rubber called "The Foam Man." The sofa in the living room of Lisa's trailer in Oregon has been padded with a very thin foam pad on top of a very hard board, and it's not very comfortable at all. We brought with us the dimensions to which it should be cut in the form of a large sheet of paper Lisa had made that was the exact size of the area which the foam needed to be. We bought a 4-inch sheet of firm foam, cut to the correct dimensions, and I think it will make sitting on the sofa much less of a trial on the tailbone. It's not cheap, however: $148.

Our other chore today was to look for a dehumidifier. It's so wet up here that it's impossible to keep the trailer dry inside, and mold build-up is very difficult to stop, which is hard on Lisa's health. The first couple places had Chinese-built dehumidifiers that Lisa wouldn't even look at. At Lowe's, we found a US-made (or at least US-assembled) Whirlpool model that might have been okay, but it was clearly a return -- the box had been opened and the owner's manual marked up -- and it was the only one they had left, so we passed. Lisa then tackled some of the mold in a clean-up job while sending me over to her father's house to do a little online research. We've found a couple of likely candidates. It's a pity we didn't think of Sears as a place where we could find one of these things, as it appears the Sears in Albany -- which we passed on the way to Corvallis -- seems to have the model that looks good to her (at least online) in stock. I guess we'll have to go out again tomorrow.

My blood sugar levels have been running higher than I would like, in part because when it rains that hard, it's difficult to get out an exercise. I was very surprised today, after we tramped around the Lowe's in Salem deliberately trying to get some walking exercise, to get a one-hour-after-lunch reading of only 91, which is almost too low. Very strange. I don't like yo-yo readings; they make me think something might be wrong.

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