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Little Lazier than I Meant to Be

Around 6 AM I woke up briefly, saw that time, and said to myself, "Ah, great, I can sleep for a while longer." Next thing I knew, I opened my eyes again and it was 9:30. I woke with a start. 9:30? The hotel breakfast bar closes at 9:30! I jumped out of bed, tossed on some clothes, and quickly trotted to the front building. Fortunately they hadn't taken things away yet, and I put together a plate for myself as I tried to guess what Lisa might want for breakfast. Heading back to the room, I woke Lisa, who asked for a few other things if they had them. I went back to the breakfast bar and managed to snag the last of the eggs and bacon and the last cinnamon roll. Not that we really need a huge breakfast, given that we're going out for Thanksgiving lunch in a couple of hours, but I hate the waste -- breakfast was, after all, included in the room cost.

Once I get through the last of my e-mail, I'll get showered and we'll pack out of here and get out to Sutter.
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