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It's Wet Out There

We spent my last full day here in Oregon by going to Albany to see about that dehumidifier. They had one, and it was sort of what Lisa wanted, but it was clearly made in China, and Lisa is attempting to avoid buying Chinese-built products on principle these days. Moreover, it's not quite the same as the unit she'd seen before in one of the Oregon Electric Railroad Museum's buildings. She'll wait until she can have a closer look at the museum's machine, and maybe we can find a similar model, if it's possible to buy one of the Canadian-built units. (There are times when it seems that everything in the world is now being build solely in China, which makes us wonder if there are any manufacturing jobs left in the USA.)

It's been raining pretty much continuously for the last three days. This morning, I went out for a walk in the rain anyway, my blood sugar levels needing some sort of help and the trailer not being a place where one can get any meaningful exercise. Driving from Mehama to Albany on OR-226, we ran through a spot where water was flowing over the road, but fortunately only an inch or two deep, and it was a straight stretch of road, so we just splashed a bit. But all around us, we observed high-flowing rivers and flooded low-lying areas. The geese and ducks seem happy enough, but the cows, sheep, and horses standing wetly in the fields of the eastern Willamette Valley seemed less pleased with the situation.

Tomorrow afternoon, sometime after 3:30 -- how much later depends on just how delayed the train is -- Lisa and I board the Coast Starlight for the Bay Area, and sometime on January 2, we expect to arrive there. Sometime even later that day -- at least I hope that same day -- we'll send Lisa back to Oregon on the northbound Starlight. Then I'll try and get back on something approaching a routine schedule.

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