Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back to Work

Thanks to my early-arriving train yesterday, I was just climbing in to bed last night when, off in the distance, I heard the horn from the Capitol train on which I was originally scheduled to arrive making its stop at Fremont Centerville.

Today I'm working from home, trying to get back into snych while also dealing with a second short week in a row, as I'm going to SMOFCon on Thursday. Cheryl and I are also dodging workmen. This morning, the first contractor arrived to patch the hole in the wall made by the earlier attempts to do something about the bathroom leak. The hole is now covered, and he says he'll be back again tomorrow to sand it down. Good thing the table in that area is easy to move. This afternoon a plumbing contractor will be here to replace the toilet in the front bathroom.

Oh, and tonight I need to remember to leave the van at my regular mechanic's shop on our way back from BASFA and walk home, on account of the mechanic is going to do a wheel alignment tomorrow and I want to give him the whole day to work on it.
Tags: household

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