Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cat Delivery

I was up excessively early this morning so that I could drive Cheryl to SFO to catch her early-morning flight to New Orleans, where she's attending a professional conference. But I don't mind, because I need to be up even earlier tomorrow to catch my own early-morning flight to Columbus for SMOFCon, and I should be time-shifted two three hours forward anyway.

Thanks to our overlapping travel plans, we came up with a way of minimizing parking costs. (Both our flights are too early for us to consider taking BART. For people starting from Fremont, it's impractical to fly out of SFO earlier than about 9 AM because you can't get to the airport early enough, even when catching the first train of the morning out of Fremont.) I'll drive to SFO tomorrow and text my parking location to Cheryl. When she comes back on Saturday, she'll collect the van. When I get back on Monday, she'll come and collect me unless we decide it's easier for me to ride around on BART, in which case she'll only have to go to the Fremont BART station.

I just got a text message from her a few minutes ago saying she was on board and ready to go. It was foggy this morning, but as I recall, planes can take off in near-zero visibility. Landing is more of a problem, so flights can get scrambled on account of equipment not being where it belongs, but it sounds like she's okay.
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