Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


This morning, I groggily woke up and though, "I wonder how long before my alarm goes off at 7:30?" I reached for my phone and looked at the time. 9:15! Eek! I'd forgotten to turn the vibe mode and I had been sleeping too soundly for the phone buzzing away on the bedside table to wake me up. And the board of directors of CanSMOF, parent non-profit of Anticipation, were expecting me for an 8:30 AM breakfast meeting.

I yelped and jumped out of bed, tearing off my CPAP mask. There was a voice-mail from Robbie Bourget asking "where are you, Kevin?" Lisa woke up at my antics, of course. I told her she didn't need to panic, because the included breakfast is extended until 10 AM on weekends, but that I needed to hurry. I tossed on some clothes, dragged a comb across my head, and headed downstairs.

To my immense surprise, the other CanSMOF directors hadn't yet started meeting, instead engaging in a gossip session until I got there. I got coffee and breakfast and we went through our agenda, reviewing things like facility contracts, budgets, and other high-level stuff of this nature. The boards of the non-profits on which I have sat do not actively manage the details of the conventions -- that's the job of the con chairs. The boards' job is to manage the chairs and make sure that the big picture is in place. We were reassured that progress continues apace and that the chairs are doing their jobs.

Lisa came down a little later and had her breakfast while we were meeting. Everything was okay. I won't say I shouldn't have panicked, though, because the does of adrenaline was what I needed to wake up sufficiently to get to the meeting awake.
Tags: anticipation, lisa, montreal, smofcon

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