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Everyone is so Nice to Me

Yesterday evening during the nightly "manager's reception," I saw Vince Docherty, who had just arrived, "parachuting in" from Europe. He was carrying with him and gave to me another box of the nice sugar-free Belgian chocolates that I cannot find in the USA. I already owe him a lot for many things, but these chocolates continue to build up the debt in his favor. I have to ration those chocolates carefully to make them last.

This morning, after the CanSMOF board meeting, Robbie Bourget said, "I have something for you." We went up to her hotel room and she dug out a rustic two-handled drinking cup from Blaenau Ffestiniog, home of the famous Ffestiniog Railway.

I wish I was better with coming up with appropriate gifts for people, because so many people seem to know that things like diabetic chocolates and rail-related stuff are things I would like.
Tags: diabetes, smofcon, trains

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