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SMOFCon Saturday Night

The wireless connections -- or my computer -- were more wonky than ever last night, and by the time I got back to my room (nearly 3 AM), I was unwilling to go back out and try to find a working connection, so I posted no more updates last night. Summary now, details when I get a chance:

The Fannish Inquisition happened. I don't think there were any big surprises. I took notes that I might be able to clean up and post later. Lisa recorded the presentations. If I can break the recordings down to small enough pieces to be uploadable, I will do so.

There was no opposition to Austin's SMOFCon bid for 2009. Details at their web site, which was live a few minutes after their bid was adopted by acclamation.

SMOFCon 28: Bids were presented for San Jose (first weekend of December 2010) by Glenn Glazer from SFSFC and for Seattle (second weekend of January 2011) by Mary Kay Kare. Neither bid expressed a willingness to defer their bid to a future year.

SMOFCon 29: Previously-mooted bids (both for the "traditional" first weekend of December 2011) were presented for Amsterdam (Vince Docherty) and Maui (James Stanley Daugherty and Tom Veal). Neither seemed willing to defer, as both have deferred their proposals before; Amsterdam in particular can move no later because of potential conflicts with the Next European Worldcon.

SMOFCon 30: Mark Herrup announced the continuing willingness and interest of Jim and Laurie Mann to host a SMOFCon in Pittsburgh.

After the Fannish Inquisition and SMOFCon site selection, fans scattered to the winds, some heading up to the Con Suite, and others gathering for the Texas Hold-Em Tournament. After some fussing around and room resetting, 19 people stumped up $10 and we spread them among three tables.

The blinds structure was set up for slow progression the first hour, followed by relatively rapid escalation thereafter so we wouldn't be there all night. Everyone lasted an hour, but then fur began to fly. I'm somewhat satisfied to have claimed three eliminations at my table, including my going all-in several times with strong hands when people thought I was BSing them. When we reduced the field to eight players we had the Final Table, and adjourned to the Boardroom upstairs. I was one of the larger stacks going to the Final Table, but got a little disoriented, and managed to hang myself out to dry and was the first to be eliminated.

Judy Bemis was also at the table. At one point, with the blinds at 1000/2000 (we'd started at 25/50, 25 being the lowest-denomination chip in the box, and buy-ins purchasing 7500 chips), she was all-in with the big blind -- down to her last 1900 chips. She managed to claw her way back, and ended the game in fine television tradition, taking out the other two remaining players in one hand. (The usual rule on placement applies -- Bob Macintosh had more chips than Tim Miller going in to that hand, and therefore Tim placed third and Bob second.) Judy walked away with her 50% share of the prize pool.

I had a good time, and it appears the other players did so as well. Things went pretty well organizationally. It generally helps that SMOFCon is full of people who, if you ask them nicely, will quickly agree to move tables around and organize things for you if you tell them what needs doing.

I had to stick around to the bitter end of the tournament, of course, being the organizer. After everyone was paid and the chips were stowed, Lisa and I took everything back to the room, I returned the Boardroom key to Kim Williams, and went to bed as quickly as I could manage.

Update, 17:10: Fixed error in the years for SMOFCons 28 and 29 noted in comments.
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