Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Leaving Columbus

After breakfast this morning, I helped Lisa pack up her pickup truck, which (to our relief) started and warmed up properly. I got my luggage downstairs and made sure she got out of the parking garage. The last I saw, she was re-attaching the antennas to the roof of her pickup truck. She's heading south to relatively warmer weather before setting out west again.

I was at the airport much earlier than necessary for my 1:30 flight -- which turns out to be for Chicago rather than Denver. I'd forgotten that I was coming back by a different route than I came out to Columbus. I reckon it hardly matters one way or the other at this time of year, though.

CHM Airport has free wi-fi, and unlike the hotel, it isn't cutting out randomly. This once again suggests to me that the problem is with some of these hotel wi-fi systems than my hotel.

While I was sitting here nursing my latte, Cheryl called to confirm the details of her collecting me this afternoon from SFO. If I'm not too badly delayed, we may even be at BASFA tonight.

I'm not too surprised to run across other fans here, either. Columbus Airport today is very lightly loaded, and so those of us fans flying one of the airlines that fly from concourse B (Including United, Northwest, and US Air) are easily spotted. TR Smith, for instance, is sitting two tables to my right here in Starbucks powering up her computer.
Tags: lisa, smofcon, travel

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