Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One One Slight Problem

I had as trouble-free a day flying home as one could reasonably expect. My flight from CMH to ORD was on time. I had (barely) enough time to get something to eat at O'Hare while changing planes, and my flight to SFO was boarding when I got to the gate. The flight departed on time and arrived ten minutes early. I had an aisle seat and killed most of the flight time playing Locomotion. (I burned through two batteries doing so; the game eats batteries.) The only thing that could have been better might have been having the seat next to me not fill, but you can't have everything. Cheryl was waiting for me with the van when I arrived, and my luggage came off the belt with only the usual amount of delay.

The only fly in the ointment: There was a voicemail from Lisa when I arrived at SFO. A universal joint on the driveshaft of her pickup truck has "shattered" according to her. She called me from what appears to be a very nice rest area on I-65 in Kentucky, where she will stay tonight. (Unlike some other states with rules like "not more than two hour parking," Kentucky rest areas don't mind overnight parking.) Lisa says the problem should be relatively easy to fix if she can get the van to a driveshaft specialist.

After claiming my luggage, Cheryl and I drove to my office, where I looked for such specialists in the Bowling Green area. I found one likely looking place in Glasgow KY and printed out the details. We then headed off to BASFA.

Lisa called just as the BASFA meeting started. I passed on the contact information for the driveshaft place, and she'll call them in the morning. If she can't drive the pickup (which will still move but makes awful noise, she says), she can have AAA tow her -- that's why we pay for the insurance. She sounds pretty calm under the circumstances. Maybe that's because it's not so bitterly cold as it was in Ohio. Fingers crossed.
Tags: cheryl, lisa, travel

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