Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Running from the Cold

Lisa called several times today to fill me in on her progress across Texas. Unfortunately, yesterday the big Texas Bug-Catcher coil antenna fell off of her pickup. She thinks she might not have tightened it down sufficiently when she pulled out of the parking garage in Columbus, and it worked itself loose. She didn't realize it was gone until the next time she filled up the pickup, so it's a total loss.

She went south to avoid the cold, and she's just barely going to miss the worst of it, it appears. Overnight lows where she's going are just above freezing. If possible, she'll stop and visit her sister in Albuquerque tonight and push on tomorrow. After having me tell her the bitterly cold temperatures further north, she shuddered over how difficult that would have been for her to handle, sleeping in the pickup and all that.

Me, I've been head-down on a project at work this week, as I rush to try and make up for having been on vacation for three working days over last weekend.
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