Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Saying Hello to the Family

It was a great day to be driving up to Yuba City, where Cheryl and I were taking our Christmas presents for my family. The weather was clear (although cold), there was no traffic to speak of, so we were able to drive the speed limit from Fremont all the way to my grandfather's house in Sutter, making the trip in only about three hours including a coffee break at Vacaville. None of the usual choke points like the Maze in Oakland or the Berkeley Curve or Cordelia Junction had any congestion at all. It was wonderful!

We had lunch and spent several hours with my grandfather, my mother, and her husband, before heading to the hotel. You can't get a Platinum upgrade here -- no suites -- but they did listen to my room request (near the hot tub), and I'm pretty sure I've stayed in this exact room before. With a minimum of fuss, we got the computers set up. (A while back we bought a small hub so that we can connect both of our computers to the wired internet connection here. I've gotten pretty good at setting things up quickly.) Now we're just dealing with e-mail and web stuff. gigica will join us later for dinner.
Tags: cheryl, family

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