Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

All Quiet

Today was my last day in the office this year, because I'm working from home tomorrow and from Oregon for the next two weeks. We had a "dessert potluck" of which I partook slightly, then headed out for a walk immediately thereafter (earlier rain having dispersed) feeling a little guilty about all the carbs in the small pieces of pie I'd eaten. I would have checked my blood sugar an hour later, but I'd left my meter at home, so I'll never know how bad (or good) I was.

I also got most of my Christmas cards into the mail today. I've been seriously trimming back the list over the years for cost reasons. And this year I finally worked through the last of many years' purchases of railroad-themed cards that I'd been buying for years until I decided that the I didn't fancy sending out more than 70 cards every December.

In this case, I expect I've waited too long and that quite a few cards won't arrive until the week after Christmas, particularly the ones going outside the USA. If I'd been more with it, I would have had cards with me for hand-delivery at SMOFCon and saved some postage.
Tags: christmas, diabetes

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