Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

From PDX to Mehama, Slowly

On Saturday afternoon, Lisa got to the Parkrose/Sumner light rail station around 1 PM so and radioed me, and I took a light rail train out to her. She wanted to stop by a friend's house and drop off a Christmas card before we headed south. With so much snow on the ground, nobody sensible was driving quickly, and Lisa took it very carefully in the Vanagon. Unfortunately, she missed the turn she wanted to make, but on the brighter side, that meant we went past a game store that we otherwise would have missed, and I suggested we stop and see if they had India Rails, which they did and which I bought.

We took what appeared to be a side street that would take us south from Sandy Blvd where we were to where we needed to be. However, no side streets were being cleared, and picking our way south was quite challenging. We saw people making their way on skis, which looked very efficient compared to what we were doing. At one point we got to an intersection, and when the light turned green, Lisa couldn't get enough traction to get moving on the slight upgrade. She had me get out and wave people around us. I was about to start pushing when she got the idea of coasting backwards slightly and getting a better run at the hill, and that worked. Eventually we got to her friend's house and she quickly ran in and dropped off the card.

We still had a long way to go. Traffic was very heavy and slow on I-205. We even considered stopping in a hotel for the night, but we kept plugging along. It took more than three hours to get to Salem, where we stopped and had dinner. We were going to do some shopping in Salem, but by then Lisa simply wanted to get us home, so we got onto highway 22 and headed east. I was a bit concerned about us being able to make it up the hill east of Salem (so was she), but once we cleared that hill, to our surprise the snow stopped falling and the roads cleared up. By the time we got to Stayton there was no snow at all, so she had us get a few groceries there before we went on to Mehama. It was pretty late by the time we arrived and we were both a bit frazzled.
Tags: lisa, travel

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