Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snowpocolypse Hits Mehama

We were knocked offline this afternoon when the power glitched. My laptop was okay, but we couldn't raise the internet, presumably because the ISP lost power for a while. So I knocked off work for the rest of the day and went out to help Lisa shovel snow. We knocked snow off of trees overlooking the path and tried to keep the cleared path at least a meter wide. We estimated the accumulation was running at about 3 cm/hour, and now the accumulated snow is up over 30 cm; fortunately, because we keep going back and shoveling, we don't have that much at a time to push. OTOH, the snow keep sticking to the shovel, which is a pain. Having worked hard in the snow, we had dinner, and having eaten too much, we went for a walk of maybe a km or so -- but it was slogging through all of that snow, so we think it counted double. At least I brought my heavy boots with me, so my feet have been mostly dry. My gloves, however, are not waterproof and have been thoroughly soaked.
Tags: lisa, weather
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