Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Lull in the Storms

The snow seems to have stopped for a little while, although it will apparently be back either later today or tomorrow. I've managed to mop up the project on which I was working this week, albeit one day late because of being knocked offline yesterday. Lisa's dentist's office called and said, "don't come in today for your appointment -- the snow is too bad for us to open the office today." And that tree that in the past has dropped branches across the path that crosses the property has dropped four more branches. (I'll post pictures if Lisa ever gives me the memory card with the photos on it.) With more snow coming tomorrow, I guess we'd better get out there and cut branches and clear the path today. And maybe, just maybe, go get some groceries with an eye toward not having another chance until this weekend at the earliest.
Tags: lisa, mehama, weather
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