Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Snow

After trudging through the slush late this afternoon, Lisa noticed how listless I was an suggested that I take a nap. Being able to actually give in to the inclination to sleep around 5 PM was a nice Christmas present, and I promptly fell asleep until about 8 PM. Looking outside, we saw that snow had started falling again -- about 2-3 cm accumulation, it appears. Lisa and I took some small presents to her father along with a short Christmas carol -- a pumpkin pie and some heavy warm socks -- and checked on the progress of the drive cloning.

The drive clone is about half finished and predicts another 3-plus hours to completion, but is showing none of the errors that the previous attempts did. I had hoped to shut my computer down and put it away for Christmas, but it looks like I'll need to leave it running overnight to finish the job, then come have a look in the morning. Fingers crossed.
Tags: lisa, mehama, weather

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