Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fighting With Computers

Late this afternoon, Lisa and I managed to get into Stayton for groceries. It wasn't a critical need, but with the roads clear and the snow seemingly turned to rain for good now, it seems safe enough. After stocking up, we went to her father's house to do laundry and see if the cloned drive I made would work.

Well, it would, but only with a bunch of additional work. It appears that there might have been a bad sector on either the source or destination disk, and consequently we had to spend a couple of hours rebuilding drives, re-registering them with Microsoft, and cleaning up hosed registry files. Still, it's vaguely better than having to start completely from bare metal. OTOH, only one of the T30 laptops is working completely, and that is the only one with no touchpad. The only pointing device Lisa uses is a touchpad -- no mouse or trackpoint or any other type. So it's back to eBay to start looking for another T30 that (a) has a touchpad, (b) was manufactured in Mexico, not China, (c) has both memory slots working (T30 motherboards have an annoying tendency to have one of their two slots fail), and preferably (d) has a 2 GHz processor.
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