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A Tale of Two Backpacks

As it's now a new year (UTC), it's time for out with the old and in with the new. Just before ConJose in 2002, Lisa bought a small day-pack specifically to carry Kuma Bear. Since then, Kuma has toured the world, sometimes riding on the outside of the pack, although usually inside for safety.

This is more than just a carrying case for a small bear. This is Lisa's primary purse and day-to-day Carrier of Stuff, and she was quite attached to it.

Here's the old bag, careworn and beat-up by travels to three continents. Lisa really liked this bag, but unfortunately, all of the zippers on it have worn out beyond the point of feasible repair, and trying to sew new zippers into it was more than we could, ah, bear.

The white loop hanging from the outer pocket is Kuma Bear's safety belt, which came in very handy on ConJose's opening day, as some naughty person tried to snatch Kuma Bear from the pack as Lisa walked around the convention. Here Kuma says goodbye to the old pack.

We've been looking for a new one for some time now, and last night we found one that we think suits both Lisa and Kuma.

Kuma tried the new pack on for size. He doesn't like the new safety belt that much. Lisa is going to rebuild it into a three-point harness later.

But for now, it's cold out there, and even with a fur coat, Kuma has to bundle up before we brave the elements.

I think Kuma Bear thinks he's well hidden while riding in the pack this way. We don't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

Lisa and Kuma seem to be getting along well with the new day-pack, which is however a bit larger than the old one, which is both good and bad. I hefted the new one, comparing it to the old, and said, "You haven't yet loaded the five-kilo pocket anvil you usually put in your bag." She gave me a dirty look.

Lisa says that she and Kuma Bear send best wishes to all of Kevin's readers, and that they look forward to seeing all their friends (and Kuma's admirers) at all of the new year's coming conventions.
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