Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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An Entertaining Bunch of Lunatics

The BASFA meeting was a lot of fun, as it usually is. The minutes, which will indirectly be available through the web site (through the e-mail archive function), don't really tell the tales, which, sadly, you really had to be there to appreciate.

When BASFA moved from the Round Table Pizza at Saratoga & Moorpark down to the (pricier) Hick'ry Pit Restaurant a few years ago, I feared that it would mean the death of the club, as people would no longer be able to afford to attend. But instead, on the whole attendance is up. cherylmorgan pointed out to me that the quality of the food is higher, which seems to make a difference. Maybe Fandom isn't just a bunch of cheap b******s after all.
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