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Closing Down Exhibits

My last scheduled panel was at 1 PM and was entitled "The Challenges of Recruitment." No time to do it full justice here, but there was a lot of talk about how we don't recruit well, and tend to ignore or even drive away people who are interested in helping out. I think it's related to Fannish Aspberger's Syndrome: we're not good at socializing that way.

After that, it was down to Emerald A for the last time, where I disassembled the exhibit and packed things away. Somewhat to my surprise, the exhibit takes up less space now than it did coming up. With the exception of the Pink Dress, which needs its own carrier so the satin doesn't get wrinkled, everything fit into one bag that would fit as a carry-on if I didn't already have a computer and a briefcase to carry on the plane.

The Giant ConFrancisco Membership Badge (picture is of the box it's packed in, not the badge itself) is packed away for transportation on to LA and the Permanent Worldcon History Exhibit. I wanted the original badge to be with it for comparison purposes, but it appears that the original was in Glasgow (Lisa says she remembers seeing it there), so it probably went into the boxes there for transportation to LA for next year, whereas the Giant Badge went to Seattle last year.

In about half an hour will be the Closing Ceremonies. I'll be here tonight for any Dead Sasquatch parties, then back to the Bay Area on Tuesday. I'll need to put my head in a dryer and try and shrink it, because it's been swelled at least a half size by all the nice attention I got this weekend.
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