Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sekrits of the Fannish Inquisition

I have finally been goaded into chopping the Fannish Inquisition at the Columbus SMOFCon into sufficiently small pieces that I can, with some difficulty, upload them. I'm planning on doing this in the order they happened, which means they won't all get done at once. It takes quite a while to simply save the files, and a lot longer to upload them, even cut down to a lower resolution than the relatively high one in which they were shot.

First, we have the Raleigh in 2010 NASFiC bid.

Next up is the first part of the 2011 Worldcon presentations, with Patty Wells' Reno in 2011 Worldcon bid presentation. Seattle's presentation and the 2011 Worldcon Q&A will be coming later.

Part 2 of the 2011 bid material, Seattle's presentation by Bobbie DuFault, is also now available.

[The Q&A after the presentations is uploading as I head off to bed, but won't clear until sometime later on Tuesday at best.]

This of course assumes that we don't have people involved in them insisting that their presentations must not be made public, and that only The Right Sort of Fans be allowed to see them. If you think I'm joking, you aren't reading the SMOFS e-mail list.

Updated, 0125: Edited which videos are uploaded and which are pending.
Tags: nasfic, smofcon, worldcon
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