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As I got into the car this morning, I heard that the FasTrak lanes on the Dumbarton Bridge were closed ("emergency repairs are underway") and that traffic was backed up into Fremont. An hour sitting in a bridge backup isn't all that productive, so I went back inside and sent a message to my co-workers saying I'd work from home today unless my presence was needed in the office.

To a certain extent, it would have been more convenient if this happened tomorrow, because I need to take cherylmorgan to SFO tomorrow for a 6 PM-ish flight. This involves me leaving work at about 3 PM and then turning back around after collecting her, crossing the bridges four times instead of twice and fighting traffic up to SFO. (The crossing with Cheryl on board will be free because we can use the carpool lane.). Alas, the HOV lanes don't go all the way to the airport.

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