Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back and Forth

I have safely delivered cherylmorgan into the clutches of United Airlines for her flight to LHR. Her flight was scheduled for a 6:10 PM departure, and I waved good-bye to her at the international security checkpoint at about 5:15. When she called me just after 6 PM to tell me that they were starting to button up the plane and do the pre-flight rituals and so she was turning off her phone, I'd managed to make it as far south as Redwood City, and the real-time-traffic-status signs were estimating 22 minutes to Palo Alto (about 8 miles, I think). Whew! I think it took me something like two hours to drive the 35 or so miles from SFO to Fremont. Good thing the traffic hadn't been that bad at 3 PM when I drove home to collect her in the first place, or going to SFO.

On the earlier trip home, I heard a radio traffic report of a stalled car on the Dumbarton Bridge eastbound. "Oh, no," I thought, "I do not need this today!" But by the time I reached the area where the stall was reported, there was no stalled car nor any heavy traffic. Indeed, I was driving above the 55 mph speed limit on the bridge and was being passed on both sides. I called KCBS traffic and told them the stall was cleared and traffic was "above the limit." That wasn't worth a KCBS name-check (I get them from time to time), but they did amend their next report.

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