Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Oregon Bound Again

I have a flight this afternoon out of Oakland up to Portland. No, I haven't gotten my calendar mixed up -- I'm going up for the weekend a day early because tomorrow is Lisa's birthday. I am, however, going to work tomorrow from her father's home.

I have to leave about 12:20 in order to walk over and catch am Amtrak Capitol train from Centerville up to Oakland. Unfortunately, I had the choice between too early or too late on trains, because Alaska (Horizon) has changed their schedules a little and are flying an hour or so later than they used to on these late-afternoon flights, making for a lot of thumb-twiddling time at OAK. And unlike PDX, the wi-fi is not free, so getting work done is a problem.
Tags: lisa, travel
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