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Foggy Oregon

It was a struggle to get to Mehama last night, because Lisa -- who is not getting much sleep due to her tinnitus bedeviling her -- was having difficulty and the conditions were unpleasant, with heavy fog on I-5. In Salem, she had to pull off the road in order to rest long enough to have the energy to drive the rest of the way. And I'm completely hopeless with a manual transmission, so I wasn't a ready candidate for taking over the driving unless it were life-and-death. I did my best to help keep her awake until she struggled into the driveway here. We quickly got stuff moved in to the trailer, the heat turned on, and her into bed, where she fell asleep before I even had my luggage open and started unpacking.

The weather here today was described as "light freezing fog." Brr!
Tags: lisa, mehama, weather

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