Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back to the Bay Area

Unlike the packed flight northward, tonight's flight from PDX to Oakland was lightly loaded, and I had two seats to myself. That's good, although even then, you don't get a lot of room in a Horizon CRJ-700. However, I did have enough room to be able to get my computer running, and therefore could launch Locomotion. Consequently, the subjective flight time was about thirty minutes at most.

Tonight was a night for every connection to work at minimum time. My luggage was there waiting for me when I got to the carousel. The AirBART bus waited for me, and then pulled away from the curb as soon as I boarded. As a result, I got to Coliseum BART with a full hour to wait for my Capitol train. I could have taken BART instead, but besides having the buy a BART ticket, I would have had to get home from Fremont BART, which is either a 5 km walk or a $12 taxi ride. The weather was very nice -- I didn't even need my jacket -- and so I decided to wait. I even fired the computer up again and killed time playing Locomotion again.

My train was right on time, and as a bonus, the conductor didn't come and lift my ticket, so the trip home was actually free. I walked home, picking up a burger on the way because I did not feel like going out to get groceries.

I wish all of my travel could be so stress-free. And it's Australia Open time, which is good because I like watching the tennis majors, and bad because it means I'll not be getting enough sleep these next two weeks.
Tags: sports, tennis, trains, travel

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